New TN Sports Betting Executive Director Makes Important Decisions

New TN Sports Betting Executive Director Makes Important Decisions

The Sports Wagering Advisory Council made one of its most important decisions to date last week as it takes over the Tennessee sports betting regulator. With Mary Beth Thomas at their helm, they will be able oversee all aspects and regulations around this game – just in time for major changes coming up next year!

The SWAC hired an experienced lawyer named Ms.Thomas who currently serves as general counsel Tre Hargett’s office here locally (TN). She beat out Roger Guillemette from neighboring state Kentucky along with Scott Sloan also based near Nashville but has spent years working across both states so knows his wayfair well.

Guillemette is the only one of the three with gaming experience. He currently handles sports betting and casino compliance for Rhode Island’s Lottery, but he has also spent time as a manager in Las Vegas casinos! It makes him an excellent candidate to run Tennessee’s new regulatory agency that takes over from our current laws come January 2022 when they go into effect – most SWAC members pushed hard for this decision-making process not happen until then because there’ll be plenty more information about how things work once all those bids are submitted next week.”

BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and DraftKings all submitted comments opposing the policy. The SWAC is not only proposing to keep mandatory holds but expanding them under a proposed rule change where sportsbooks would be checked every quarter instead of annually on maintaining this stringent measure for player funds’ security as well as preventing money laundering practices among other things like rigorously inspecting betting slips before dispensing cash prizes at live events such like horse races or fights between boxers (which we know how much people love!). It accepted written feedback through Tuesday so stay tuned!

The Tennessee Education Lottery is more than willing to hand off sports betting regulation. But there are still multiple books and suppliers waiting for approval, according to a company representative at the Oct. 5 SWAC meeting’s conference call last week who also claimed pointsBet has been approved by TEL since it submitted its paperwork in February 2019- this news comes just one day after Barstool Sportsbook was given their blessing from state officials on Monday morning (10/9). Wagr announced they had received their license only three days later too!


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Author: Benjamin Howard