New Highs In Indiana Sports Betting Market in September

New Highs In Indiana Sports Betting Market in September

The midwest’s love for football is apparent in Indiana’s sports betting results, which set new handle and revenue records. From September to January this year alone there has been an increase of over 800%.

The Hoosier state had 71.3% more money wagered on their game last month than they did back when it started at only $105 million; now with bettors placing bets at record levels every single day thanks not just because people are excited about Monday Night Football coming up but also how easy these games make everything else go by faster–the payoff being tax free winnings should you be so lucky enough or skillful enough plant one right down the middle!

Football is king in Indiana, with bettors overwhelmingly wagered on football last month. Parlays accounted for 26.2% of all handle – but it is likely more than that since parlay wagers are not included in the 42 million dollars spent at odds offs!

Pari-mutual betting has become popular among fans who want to make their bets even before they know what teams will line up against each other during game day this fall.

Only five states reported September results so far and it’s not too surprising that they vary pretty widely.

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Sept. 2020 handle
Sept. 2021 revenue
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What’s the latest?

The United States is a hotbed for sports betting, with records currently being broken every day. A new milestone has been set as Iowa and Indiana games make their way into record books within just three years of operation at these locations! With $210 million wagered last September alone (nearly triple what was gambled in 2020), it seems that many people are taking advantage of this opportunity while they still can because registration ends soon-and no one knows when things will be finalized regarding mobile wagering licenses.

Who took Indiana sports betting market share in September? DraftKings Sportsbook added to its lead of online sportsbettor leads with 40.7% of the total bet volume and also had a higher handle than any other site, according to finnish gambling research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Institute (EKGI). The company noted that four out five people who placed wagers went through their website or app which is no surprise due all this new regulation surrounding it since June 2018 when bills passed regulating where one can place bets from within state lines only – not offshore anymore!

Barstool Sportsbook has picked up 1 percentage point for 5%.
The new deal is in response to their previous settlement of $10,000 after an Indiana lawsuit over gambling losses on TikTok videos.


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Author: Benjamin Howard