Boost for California Sports Betting

Boost for California Sports Betting

Four California mayors have lent their support to the ballot initiative that would legalize online sports betting in California. The joint release notes it will provide hundreds of millions for homelessness and mental health services, as well as several charity organizations dedicated to helping those struggling with poverty or addiction problems.”

Moss’s email also expressed support for two other California sports betting initiatives that could make it on to the ballot. The first is a tribal-backed question that would authorization retail only, while the second proposes an expansion of existing offtrack betting facilities into brick and mortars near major sporting events or universities’ campuses (not necessarily both).

The initiative to legalize sports betting in California was filed back in August and backed by seven US based bookmakers. Those are Bally’s, BetMGM (Mobile Game Technology), DraftKings, Fanatics Betting & Gaming Company LLC., FanDuel Incorporated , Penn National/Barstool Sportsbook Ltd. The referendum is scheduled for 2022 with the goal of funneling some revenue towards fighting homelessness through taxes on wagers placed online or at brick-and park racetracks throughout CA.

What do tribes think about sports betting in California?

The initiative itself has drawn criticism for proposing an anti-competitive market. For example, one clause says operators would have to be licensed in at least 10 other US states which potentially prohibits smaller ones from entering the CA market or even getting started with this new idea if they face long odds of success just due its size alone (which is why many small Native American casinos don’t bother).

What’s more these so called “tribes” are actually non tribal businesses that were granted rights by state legislation decades ago – only time will tell how much support remains once gambling becomes accessible legally again after being outlawed post reservation era when Europeans came over and plundered everything we know today.

The California sportsbook referendum, which will take place on election day 2020 is a turning point for the entire US because it could potentially mean one thing- that America’s biggest gambling market has finally joined in with all other states allowing some form or another of betting. This means everything from live games at race tracks to online bookmakers could soon be providing legal wagering opportunities across state lines by people who are both residents AND citizens alike! The potential revenue numbers alone make this an exciting time if you’re interested not just as bettor but someone invested financially into what happens next – don’t miss out when voting begins again this November 20th!!!


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Author: Benjamin Howard